Workforce Spotlight

CCA: Preparing Students for the Jobs of Tomorrow – How School Should Work

October 14, 2020

Commonwealth Charter Academy is a top accredited public cyber charter school that provides personalized educational programs and services to more than 16,000 students in grades K-12 across Pennsylvania at no cost to families.


We believe that it is our responsibility to the community and the taxpayers to prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow while teaching them the importance of giving back to their communities.


For this reason, CCA offers career-focused educational programs that enable students to experience a variety of hands-on learning opportunities in various industries.


CCA students begin their career exploration journey as early as elementary school, which carries over to middle school and leads to work-based learning experiences in high school through partnerships CCA forms with employers, community and governmental organizations.


We serve more than 5,500 high school students across Pennsylvania who are preparing to enter the workforce, further their education in trade schools or college or enlist in the military.


Your business can access our talent pool by offering in-person or virtual work-based learning opportunities including career exploration events and tours, mentorships, informational interviews, job shadowing and pre-apprenticeships.


By offering a range of school-to-career learning experiences, CCA’s business partners are able to identify students who would be a good fit for their organization.


CCA’s flexible school day allows students to participate in work-based learning experiences at any time. High school students also learn about what careers are ideal for them by participating in career consultation sessions.


CCA’s commitment to innovative and flexible public education sparked the CCAWorks initiative to provide students with 21st century skills that will enable them to be successful in the future.


AgWorks, at CCA’s Capital Campus in Harrisburg, focuses on the agricultural industry and will soon be followed by the launch of TechWorks in Pittsburgh, PA and MedWorks in Malvern, PA, which will focus on the technology and medical fields, respectively.

For information on how CCA can partner with employers to address the talent shortages and skills gap of the future workforce, please contact us at or click here.