Workforce Spotlight

Montgomery County Community College Creates Solutions for Workforce Needs

September 30, 2020

Montgomery County Community College has been a partner with business and industry since the College was founded in 1964.  Our mission is centered on our commitment to being a community hub for learning skills and achieving credentials that promote prosperity and quality of life.  Collaborating with regional employers is key to serving the workforce needs of the county and region.


At MCCC, our goal is to help employers with their current skill needs and build their talent pipeline for the future. We can assist in identifying comprehensive solutions tailored to their needs. Our team meets with employers and tours their businesses to assess employee knowledge and skills. We can then develop and deliver customized training to address specific needs and work with the schedules of employees. Further, we are an active partner by following up to evaluate outcomes as well as developing strategies to ensure the talent pool remains appropriately and relevantly skilled. Employers then can gain a competitive advantage in today’s global market and continue to grow their businesses.


The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unique challenges for business and industry, and as we continue toward economic recovery, the needs of employers will evolve, as will the skills employees need. MCCC offers leadership development, continuous improvement and more. We are here every step of the way to help build the talent pipeline needed by our employers, and we are continually assessing and redesigning our workforce development efforts to ensure we are providing the vital resources needed during this time of recovery.


While we have a range of noncredit and credit programs, short-term and stackable credentials, and industry certifications, we also offer much more to the business community and to those individuals seeking to reskill or upskill. From Machinist Computer Numerical Control operator, to cybersecurity technician, to medical billing specialist, our fast track to employment programs are designed to provide the skills necessary for employees to be successful in the workplace.  MCCC also can help employees to achieve their goal of going to college and expand their contributions to the workforce.  Through assessing employees’ prior learning and work experiences for college credit, MCCC can tailor an educational plan to reach the next credential goal, whether that goal is offered by MCCC or is one available through our University Center partners or many transfer partners.  


Working with employers and local leaders, we continually assess emerging jobs and employment trends to project what future skills training we should put in place to offer our current and future learners who want to move into these emerging occupations. We know the importance of workforce training that will provide skills that are relevant for today’s needs, as well as future developments.


No matter the size or type of your business, Montgomery County Community College has the solutions to meet your workforce needs. 


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