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New Partnership Adds Horsepower to Education Marketing Services, Propels Firm Into a Bright Future

Spring 2018 Catalyst

April 01, 2018

JPL Paskill logoIt’s a question at the heart of every business operation — what does the future hold? As much as hard work, a dedicated and well-trained staff and an ability to keep up with the latest laws and regulations is paramount to the success of a company, it’s also important that employers keep an eye on how their industry is evolving and plan for their future according to these changes.

In the age of social media and smartphone technology, the marketing industry has definitely seen its fair share of changes in recent years that have influenced the way companies are talking to young people. As teenagers and young adults are exiting high school and embarking on their next steps, higher education institutions have had to take a fresh look at the way they’re recruiting a dynamic student body. And in good news for colleges and universities across the Commonwealth, one forward-thinking partnership is accomplishing just that.

Last year, Harrisburg-based marketing agency JPL announced a corporate partnership with Paskill Stapleton & Lord — a Philadelphia-area enrollment marketing firm that has worked with more than 475 public and private colleges, universities, seminaries and service academies to develop research-based marketing initiatives since 1986. Together, JPL and PS&L are providing additional marketing, creative, technical and production capabilities to their higher education client base nationwide. Their work portfolio includes a number of Pennsylvania colleges and universities including Neumann University, the Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, the Pennsylvania Institute of Technology, the University of Penn’s Graduate School of Education, Harrisburg University, York College and Bucknell University.

Students studying“The partnership adds horsepower to the services we provide colleges and universities,” PS&L President Jim Paskill said at the time the partnership was announced. “It makes us one of the most comprehensive and resource-rich higher education marketing firms in the country.”

The JPL/PS&L collaboration began when leaders from both companies realized that they could capitalize on the other’s strengths and expertise to provide an optimal client experience and become well-positioned to grow in an evolving marketplace. Higher education enrollment marketing has evolved in recent years and now requires a multi-layered, multi-media approach. Calling the combination a “perfect match,” Paskill added that his firm’s higher education expertise backed by JPL’s “deep digital marketing and media production capabilities will allow us to drive greater results for our clients.” At the same time, the partnership allows the companies to provide clients with all aspects of these comprehensive campaigns under one roof. 

“Already, the partnership has enabled JPL to optimize our services for colleges and universities,” said JPL President Luke Kempski. “Whether we’re creating video content, developing a student recruitment website or helping PS&L execute a digital advertising campaign, we’re able to analyze and improve results with each experience.”

As these successful campaigns continue, JPL and PS&L are setting themselves up for a bright future in their niche market. Adapting to changing market conditions and taking the steps necessary to secure their place in the future — like these two companies did in the world of marketing in higher education — also enables to them to solidify their plans going forward. Partnerships that encourage companies to play off each other’s strengths, as has been the case for JPL and PS&L, also help facilitate successful successions when the time comes.

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