Jason's Success Story

Jason Taylor

Jason's Story

Where are you from? Bunola, PA / residing in Carnegie

What sparked your interest in a career in the skilled trades?  After working in the physical plant at Penn State Greater Allegheny for years, I decided to pursue a degree in Facilities Technology. That quickly changed to H.A.C. after observing the field in action. Keeping a campus comfortable and running smoothly seemed to be very rewarding.

What school will you be attending?   CCAC West Hills Center

What field of study are you embarking on? Heating and Air Conditioning

How did you hear about the 2018 Work Ethic Scholarship? I heard about the scholarship through a co-worker whose son-in-law also received it.
What area of Mike Rowe’s S.W.E.A.T pledge resonates the most with you as your pursue your new career?  As I pursue my career, number 9 of the S.W.E.A.T. Pledge most resonates with me. It was difficult to jump back into school after a 16 year break and at the age of 36. I realized though, that nothing was going to be handed to me, and to further my career, I would have to formally continue my education. It can happen in many different ways. Through schooling, job shadowing, following a mentor, and field training, I feel that I will be able to apply my trade successfully and begin the next chapter of my life.