Kristen Suhan's Success Story

Kristen Suhan

Kristen's Story

What sparked your interest in a career in the skilled trades?  What sparked my interest the most is the amount of opportunities the trade has to offer. I enjoy a challenge, learning, and working on new equipment daily, all while getting my hands dirty. There are so many possibilities in the HVAC trade, and a high demand for good workers. I wanted to go in this trade knowing that I can make a difference helping people, all while enjoying the challenges that come with it.

What school will you be attending?  Currently I am enrolled in my second year at Westmoreland County Community College located in Youngwood, Pennsylvania.

What field of study are you embarking on? I am currently enrolled my second and final year in the HVAC program working on my associate degree.

How did you hear about the 2019 Work Ethic Scholarship?  I heard about the Work Ethic Scholarship on Facebook. My mom and her friend shared the link to the scholarship page. They told me that I should look into it and apply for it. I’m very thankful that they shared that with me.

What area of Mike Rowe’s S.W.E.A.T pledge resonates the most with you as you pursue your new career?   I would say all of it but being Successful in this industry requires a commitment to continuous education. Statement number 9 in the S.W.E.A.T pledge resonates with me for that reason. My focus right now is to learn as much as I can while I am in school, so that when I enter the workforce, I’ll be thoroughly prepared. However, that is not the end of my education. The ever-changing nature of the HVAC field demands that HVAC techs keep up with the advancing technology. I recognize that it is my responsibility alone to fulfill this obligation to be the best I can be. The combination of hard work and education is necessary for a successful career in this industry. I believe that must I exemplify the traits that a great HVAC Tech should possess.