Calvin Nelson Success Story

Calvin Nelson

Calvin Nelson

Calvin's Story

Calvin Nelson heard about the mikeroweWORKS Work Ethic Scholarship from the financial aid director at the technical school he wanted to attend, Triangle Tech. When Calvin heard about the scholarship knew he wanted to apply because he felt “it would be a great honor to receive it,” and it would allow him attend Triangle Tech.

A student of Carpentry/Electrical, Calvin chose his area of study because of his interest and study of building construction since tenth grade.  He says, “I loved building and wiring the home projects we did in class.  It was a pleasure to have the house I helped build be dedicated and given to a local veteran.  And on another project with Habitat for Humanity, it was a joy to see the lady’s face when she saw her old retaining wall built correctly.  I realized how much you help others when you can use your skills to provide quality work and service.”

Upon graduation Calvin plans to obtain a job in construction where he can put his carpentry/electrical skills into practice, and after gaining experience, open his own general contracting business.

Calvin signed the mikeroweWORKS Work Ethic Scholarship S.W.E.A.T. pledge (Skill and Work Ethic Aren’t Taboo) as part of the application.  He says the Pledge resonates with him, especially because of the essay he wrote for the 13th part of the Pledge, that he would “Give back to the community by volunteering his services to help the less fortunate.”  His plan is to apply the carpentry/electrical skills he is learning at  Triangle Tech to help rebuild his community which struggles with lower employment, families facing poverty and dilapidated buildings.  He wants to own a general contracting business and hire community residents.  He says, “I plan to encourage my employees to volunteer for Habitat for Humanity as I did a couple of years ago and help rebuild the community.  The  mikeroweWORKS Work Ethic Scholarship will allow me and my future business to pay it forward by giving back major contributions that will make life better for everyone in our town and society at large.”