Construction Equipment & Engineer Operators

Operate one or several types of power construction equipment, such as motor graders, bulldozers, scrapers, compressors, pumps, derricks, shovels, tractors, or front-end loaders to excavate, move, and grade earth, erect structures, or pour concrete or other hard surface pavement. May repair and maintain equipment in addition to other duties.

Job Outlook through 2028

Employment Current: 22,300
Employment Projected: 23,730
Percentage Change: 6.4%


These occupations usually require a high school diploma.

Sample Job Titles

  • Back Hoe Operator
  • Engineering Equipment Operator
  • Equipment Operator
  • Heavy Equipment Operator
  • Loader Operator
  • Machine Operator
  • Motor Grader Operator
  • Operating Engineer
  • Operator
  • Track Hoe Operator


  • Learn and follow safety regulations.
  • Take actions to avoid potential hazards or obstructions, such as utility lines, other equipment, other workers, or falling objects.
  • Locate underground services, such as pipes or wires, prior to beginning work.
  • Monitor operations to ensure that health and safety standards are met.
  • Adjust handwheels and depress pedals to control attachments, such as blades, buckets, scrapers, or swing booms.


  • Operation and Control — Controlling operations of equipment or systems.
  • Operation Monitoring — Watching gauges, dials, or other indicators to make sure a machine is working properly.
  • Monitoring — Monitoring/Assessing performance of yourself, other individuals, or organizations to make improvements or take corrective action.
  • Coordination — Adjusting actions in relation to others' actions.
  • Equipment Maintenance — Performing routine maintenance on equipment and determining when and what kind of maintenance is needed.

Average Wages in PA

Entry Level: $35,690
Average: $51,220
Experienced: $82,020