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What are the job prospects in my chosen field? How much money can I expect to make? How long to pay off my school loans?

Find the key information you need to make a solid choice on a career path right here with Your Career Starts HERE.

See what you’re going to earn and what your educational institution is going to cost you. Calculate your return on investment.Find out if there’s a bright outlook in the path you’re thinking about taking, what the job market looks like, and calculate what you’ll have to pay back.

All to help you know what you’re getting into before you get into it, and to help you make informed choices for your career path.



Select the career from the dropdown box that best describes the job you would like to get upon graduation. The income will automatically populate and is based on the national median starting salary.



Either use the drop down to select your school, or use “Google It” to find your school’s educational costs and enter them in the Tuition box. You can adjust the number of years you are planning to attend school in the Degree box. This is tuition only, in-state estimates; you can manually add room and board.

Loan Terms


The loan terms listed are based on the current average estimates for a student loan. However, you can manually adjust the months, years and interest rates.

  1. This quote is for estimation purposes and does not constitute an exact calculation; the purpose of this budgetary estimate is to determine a conceptual cost.
  2. Estimate may change based on listed and available information including but not limited to salary information, tuition costs and interest rates.
  3. This estimate does not account for other interest rates charged by outside institutions, living expenses and other associated costs.